Smiley Faces

Evil Smilies are also sometimes known as "Acid Smilies" in Canada, where the person wearing such a shirt was someone you could buy marijuana from.

Thankfully, that is not true outside of Toronto, so you can enjoy wearing an evil smiley, a killer smiley, or any other scary shirt without being bothered by drug-crazed Canadians.

On these pages you will find a variety of smiley faces - not exclusively adult smileys and no naughty smileys, but certainly evil and killer smilies.


Evil never looked so good shirt
Evil never looked so good by kongdesigns
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Giant Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Smiley Face shirt
Giant Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Smiley Face by houseofhorror
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Evil Smiley Face shirt
Evil Smiley Face
by tshirtmonkey
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Fallout - Devilish Cap hat
Fallout - Devilish Cap by wedgemccloud
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Vampire Emoticon Customizable Text shirt
Vampire Emoticon Customizable Text by SugarVsSpice
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The home of the Evil Smiley

This is the place for evil smilies. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Introducing the terrifying "Killer Smiley". He's the bloody one on the right. He is available as a tee shirt and looks especially cool and entirely fearsome on a black tee-shirt. The Killer Smiley is a little bit nastier than the standard evil smiley (the gentleman on the left), as he has a bloody face and blood dripping from his blood-stained tooth. He is in need of a shave and has a few battle scars. All are available as Tee-shirts, mugs and more. Just follow the link to the store, or select it from the Zazzle viewer below. You can put your own text on the shirt, and a bright green always looks cool on a black tee. Try it out.

I personally, use a killer smiley coffee mug, because that is how I feel in the morning before I have had my cup of coffee. It is also a great conversation piece as none of my co-workers has ever seen such a terrifying smiley and this image makes people both smile and fear you at the same time.

The terrifying killer smiley coffee cup makes a great present and never fails to make people smile. Nobody ever throws away a coffe mug, and if they are shy about using it, they will give it someone who is not. We know for a fact that most world leaders now drink their coffee from the terrifying killer smiley coffee mug. They are ubiquitous in the United Nations building in New York.

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Amaze your friends, terrify your enemies, worry your elders and amuse your neighbors with your evil smiley gear.

Warning! May scare small children.